WordPress to Statamic migration

Professional web developer will rebuild your business website, getting all of Statamic advantages while getting rid of all WordPress drawbacks. You've never had such a smooth website experience.

WordPress can do everything. If it's set up properly, it can even be reliable and reasonably convenient tool for starting or running a small business.

But sometimes tool that does everything can be too complicated. All the functions, not sure what for. Plugins, notifications, updates that don't make much sense or are just not worth your time.

That's why my clients love Statamic:

  • You and your team get tool tailored specifically for your business. Only pages, fields and tabs your business specifics need, and nothing else. Website management can be fun!

  • No constant updates, no overcomplicated page builders, no third party plugins and ads in your website's admin panel.

  • Statamic just lets you enjoy updating website's content without need to browse manuals. None of my clients ever asked how to add new product to catalog, how to add a new blog post, or what to do with all of these blocks and settings you usually get in WordPress. Information management is straightforward in Statamic.

statamic admin panel

By the way:

  • Statamic is secure. Most WordPress security holes come from third party themes and plugins. Since Statamic does not need to be stuffed with plugins, you and your team don't need to worry about your business website security.

  • Statamic is always fast - both for clients and administrators. No unnecessarry libraries, no unused blocks - just the tools you and your business need, and nothing else. Ever.

  • Statamic can fit any type of business - multilanguage product catalog with hundreds of items, small local shop, massive newspaper (p.s. Spiegel uses Statamic). You name it - we can do it!

  • Still not sure if Statamic is right for your business? Check this Statamic VS WordPress comparison.

Running a tiny local business website? Have multilanguage catalog with hundreds of products? Let's move your website from WordPress to a dedicated CMS built specifically for your business.
Let's move your business to Statamic

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