Hacked WordPress and WooCommerce website restoration

Can't login to your WordPress website? Spammy pop-up windows show up for your website visitors and hosting provider keeps messaging that Your business website is hacked? We can restore or rebuild your WordPress or WooCommerce business website.

WordPress migration to new domain

WordPress is a safe content management system as long as it's properly built and maintained. It means regular updates, safe and well built plugins and themes. Leave WordPress or WooCommerce run on it's own for a year or two, and your business website will have a massive risk of being hacked.

If you're here, you'r WordPress business website is being hacked. Thing is - most of the time hacked WordPress website can be saved. We can do it in few ways:

  • We can do a minimal job - restore it temporary to get data out of your business website

  • We can rebuild your WordPress or WooCommerce website properly. 100% of fresh files, get rid of suspicious code, themes and plugins. In other words, rebuild the whole WordPress with your current content.

  • We can make sure you never get to this situation - rebuild WordPress website in Statamic.

Let's sort out your hacked WordPress issue

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