WordPress migration services

We will move your WordPress or WooCommerce website to new server or new domain smoothly - with minimal downtime and sorted redirections.

Moving production site to new domain or server often comes with unexpected challenges. Broken links, missing data, messed up DNS records, or lost theme or plugin settings can be a massive headache.

That's why we offer risk-free WordPress and WooCommerce migration service. More than decade of WordPress experience let us hit the migration button when we know it will work out.

How we migrate WordPress websites:

  • Before making an actual move we make a copy of a running website in our testing environment.

  • We test website ourselves, and let the owner make sure everything works as expected.

  • We make sure new server and/or domain records are accesible and there are no technical issues running the same configuration of WordPress or WooCommerce in the new place.

  • We make a full backup of live website.

  • Once all technical issues are tested and sorted, we move production WordPress website to a new domain or server.

WordPress migration to new domain
Let's migrate your WordPress or WooCommerce website

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